Celebrate Labor Day in Moncks Corner!

Commonly known as the last day of summer, Labor Day is your opportunity to savor those final moments with a flavorful cookout with your friends and family in Moncks Corner.

Apps for Back-to-School at Foxbank Elementary

The kids go back to Foxbank Elementary School and parents around Moncks Corner are thrown back into the chaos of another year of school work, after-school activities and conflicting schedules.

Lowcountry Southern Comfort Foods

As we close the chapter on another summer in the Lowcountry, and the kids get ready to go back to Foxbank Elementary, we’re reminded that the season of rest and relaxation is over and a brand new year is right around the Moncks Corner. This time can often cause people to feel sad, casting a… Read More

Best Lighthouses in South Carolina

In honor of National Lighthouse Day this Saturday, we decided to share some of the most popular lighthouses around the Lowcountry, like the Morris Island Lighthouse, Georgetown County Lighthouse, Harbour Town Lighthouse and more.

Healthy, Active Activities in Lowcountry

When it is as hot as it has been lately, more often than not you find yourself drawn to be indoors with the air conditioning turned on full blast. However, there are still certain times of day when the heat is softened and the opportunities to enjoy the outdoors are at their peak. It is… Read More

Summer Color Trends for Your Foxbank Plantation Home

This season’s trends span across a broad range of styles that will look great in your Foxbank Plantation home in Moncks Corner. HGTV broke down top trends for the season, and we’ve broken it down even further into five favorites:

Lowcountry Summer Party Ideas

We hope everyone had the opportunity to spend the 4th of July weekend celebrating with their family and friends in Foxbank Plantation in Moncks Corner!