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Summer Color Trends for Your Foxbank Plantation Home

This season’s color trends span across a broad range of styles that will look great in your Foxbank Plantation home in Moncks Corner. From fun and funky shades suited for dramatic artists to more mellow and muted tones that reflect a calming personality, there is a color for every type of style.

HGTV broke down the top trends for the season, and we’ve broken it down even further into our top five favorites:

Cobalt Blue

This bold, yet playful tone allows you to make a statement in your home without feeling abrasive. It’s refreshing, vibrant and the perfect color to use for a bold accent wall or to incorporate into home accessories such as pillows, curtains or picture frames. You can even add this color to a side table or an upholstered chair for an additional pop of color.

HGTV Moncks CornerExotic Orange

Although most people tend to shy away from using a bright color like this, you would be surprised at how much more energized your space will feel after adding a few drops of exotic orange to your color palette. It pairs great with neutral tones such as white or cream, and is perfect if you want to give your room a burst of warmth.

Soft Gray

This dreamy shade is universally loved, and used, all year long. It’s classic, versatile, and the best part is that it goes with everything. Soft gray will more than likely fit right in with whatever color scheme you already have, so you don’t necessarily have to do a complete overhaul of your space. It’s known to add a calm, breezy style to any type of room.

Refreshing Lime Homes for Sale Moncks Corner

It is pretty common to use limes in your drinks during summertime—but what about incorporating this favorite summer flavor into your color scheme? Use a bold, refreshing lime as an accent wall and bring in smaller accessories of similar shades to complete the look.

Nature-Inspired Neutrals

It is often the most ‘lived-in’ spaces that tend to feel the most drab. Breathe new life into your room by keeping the overall color palette neutral and adding in natural accents like weathered wood for a fresh, organic feel. Timeless and beach-appropriate, natural neutrals create a space that is both calming and refreshing. Pair with neutral-hued linens and cotton fabrics for an iconic summer feel.

Browse HGTV’s full list of summer-inspired hues.

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