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Prepping Your Foxbank Plantation Home for Guests

Foxbank Plantation BasketSuccessfully hosting visitors to your Foxbank Plantation home in Moncks Corner over the holiday season is a true art form. For some, it takes years to perfect. For others, it simply takes some preparation.

Below you will find a few simple things you can do ahead of time to help make your home guest-friendly and ready to handle the holiday madness that often ensues.


Instead of doing a deep dive (and inadvertently spending hours organizing your linen closet), focus on cleaning the high-traffic areas. Remove clutter from your guest room, kitchen, living room and any other area where you and your guests will spend a majority of time. Wipe down counters, sweep and dust. You’ll be amazed at the difference a clean house makes.

Stock Up

Make sure that you have all of the common necessities your guests may need during their stay. Clean towels, linens, extra throw blankets, pillows and toiletries are definitely a must. Make sure to have plenty of toilet paper and paper towels on hand over the holidays, too.

PRO TIP: collect travel-sized toiletries such as bars of soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, lotion, etc. and keep in a basket in the bathroom so your guests can grab and go.

Keep it Convenient

While you may know where everything is, your guests do not. Keep them in the loop by giving them a quick tour when they arrive, pointing out where things such as extra towels or blankets are located.

Make sure that each bathroom has a plunger and plenty of toilet paper within plain sight. For nighttime, add a few motion-activated nightlights in the hallways leading to the bathroom, so they aren’t stumbling around in the dark.

Go the Extra Mile

It doesn’t take a lot to make your guests feel welcome. By doing small things like having a plate of cookies waiting for them when they arrive, or including a cozy robe and slippers in their room, you will help make them feel like a million bucks.

You can even simply make some room in your closet or dresser for them to put their stuff, so they aren’t living out of a suitcase during their stay. A small gesture like this will show that you want them to feel as if your home is their home, too.

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