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Celebrate Labor Day in Moncks Corner!

Labor Day Moncks CornerLabor Day weekend is upon us at Foxbank Plantation! Commonly known as the last day of summer, Labor Day is your opportunity to savor those final moments with a flavorful cookout with your friends and family in Moncks Corner.

If you’re unsure of where to begin, we’ve got a few tips and suggestions for how to celebrate this final hurrah the right way in the Lowcountry.

First, decide on a theme. It’s considered a fashion faux pas to be caught wearing white after Labor Day, so a ‘White Out’ party is a common theme for Labor Day parties. It gives you and your guests the opportunity to wear all of your favorite white clothes before they’re considered out-of-season.

You can take the white theme even further by using all-white décor, and serving primarily white foods and beverages.

Another theme could be ‘Summer Classics,’ where everything from the food to the activities at the party are a tribute to the best of summer. Grilled corn, succulent barbecue, hot dogs, kebabs and cheeseburgers are all classic summertime dishes. Add in fresh fruit, potato salads and peach cobbler and you’ll have the perfect summer meal.

Encourage your guests to dress in their favorite summer attire and have games such as corn hole, flag football and volleyball ready so you can take advantage of the final warm nights of summer.

If you really want to get in the Labor Day spirit in Foxbank Plantation, consider hosting a ‘Trade Party,’ where you pay homage to the various working trades throughout the community. From construction workers to teachers to doctors, find inspiration in these different professions for your party.

Use vintage toolboxes to hold flowers and utensils. Dress up classic foods found in working man lunches for your menu. A mix of finger sandwiches, apple slices and chips and dip will give the right touch of simple sophistication that aligns with your theme.

Once you have the theme set, everything else will fall into place. The most important part of any Labor Day party is to remember to relax, enjoy it and take a few moments to celebrate the American worker.

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