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Twists on Traditional Lowcountry Holiday Decor

Holiday Decorations North CharlestonEveryone has seen the traditional Foxbank Plantation holiday decorations: the tree in the living room, the wreath on the front door and various shades of red and green covering every corner of the house. And while these traditional decorations are typically staples when it comes to holiday decorating, we’re offering a few alternatives that are both unique and festive.

The Tree

Who says that you have to have a real evergreen or artificial tree in your home this holiday season? A fun alternative to the traditional tree is to create a tree using sticks and ribbon to display all of the holiday cards you’ve received from friends and family. You can create a similar effect with wood and string. For the music lovers out there, a tree made out of sheet music is both classy and creative. And for all the bookworms, a tree made out of your favorite holiday reads is tough to beat.

The Wreath

There are plenty of DIY wreath tutorials out there that incorporate both natural elements and festive decorations into your design. Once you have found one that fits your style, consider some different ways you can display it, aside for simply adding it to your front door. Transform your wreath into a mobile, by hanging it from the ceiling and adding simple ornaments. Or, use it as a centerpiece by placing candles, a vase or a cake stand in the middle of it. HGTV shares some other unexpected ways to display your holiday wreaths.

The Color Palettes

Traditionally, red and green are the colors that have dominated the holiday season. However, if these colors aren’t your favorite, there are plenty of other festive color combinations you can use to decorate your home and still get the same effect. White and brown give your home a rustic, festive feel, while turquoise and white and a muted tone such as parchment is both unexpected and a subtle compliment to the traditional hues. For those interested in being a bit more adventurous, bubblegum pink and purple create a retro, whimsical atmosphere. And finally, white and gold and silver are a color combination that is more subdued than red and green, but still reminiscent of a traditional holiday color palette.

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