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History of Moncks Corner, SC

Moncks Corner SCHave you ever wondered how our little corner of the Lowcountry came to be? Take a trip down memory lane with us as we share our town’s rich, storied history.

During the colonial era, Moncks Corner became a major settlement area for French Protestant Huguenots, who came to South Carolina between 1684 and 1688 to escape religious persecution in France.

On April 22, 1735, Thomas Monck, one of the eight Lord Proprietors at the time, acquired 1,000 acres. Moncks named his property “Mitton” and it was on part of this property that the first village of Monck’s Corner was formed. Shortly after, the locals removed the possessive form and “Monck’s Corner” became “Moncks Corner.”

The village quickly became a popular trading post due to its ideal location along Charlestown Road and connection to various larger town from the Cooper River, Santee River and Pee Dee River. In fact, America’s first canal was built here in 1793, which you can still see to this day at the Old Santee Canal Park.

There were also a handful of well-kept taverns, stores and businesses that helped mark Moncks Corner as a place of commercial importance in the Lowcountry. The first stagecoach in South Carolina was reported to have run between Moncks Corner and Charlestown in October of 1766.

During the Revolutionary War, a major battle occurred in the Moncks Corner community. In 1780 the Battle of Moncks Corner was fought on April 14 and ultimately helped secure the British Army’s victory and subsequent fall of Charleston less than a month later.

Once the Northeastern Railroad was completed in 1856, the Moncks Corner of today was established. The Train Depot, which is still standing today, became the center of the new town of Moncks Corner. The town later expanded to include all of the original Moncks Corner and the entire Mitton plantation.

In 1882, Charleston County was divided and Mount Pleasant was placed in Berkeley County and named the first county seat. Fast forward 15 years later and it was decided that Moncks Corner would be the county seat and Mount Pleasant reverted to its former boundaries and back to Charleston County in 1897.

Cut to today and the Town of Moncks Corner continues to be known for its old-fashioned hospitality, southern charm and history. From the historic Train Depot to the iconic Mepkin Abbey, which was established in 1949 and serves as home to Roman Catholic Trappist monks, there is plenty to explore in Moncks Corner.

Even Moncks Corner’s trademark, “Capital of Santee Cooper County,” which was granted in 1999 and again in 2004, serves as a symbol of the community’s abundant outdoor activities, such as horseback riding, hiking, watersports, boating and fishing.

Do you have a favorite historic spot in Moncks Corner?

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