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Dating the kind of girl you shouldnt get involved with

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Dating the kind of girl you shouldnt get involved with

It's important to be discerning when it comes to the type of girl you should date. While there are many wonderful, kind, and caring girls out there, there are some that you should avoid getting involved with.

The first type of girl you should avoid is someone who is overly possessive or controlling. Signs that they may be possessive include constantly monitoring your whereabouts and behavior, or becoming jealous easily. Also be wary of someone who is trying to control your life and dictate what you can and cannot do.

The second type of girl to avoid is one who is constantly drama-seeking. If a girl is always looking for a fight or trying to pick fights with you or those around you, its a bad sign. This type of girl wont bring any peace or stability to your life and could make your relationship volatile and unhealthy.

The third type of girl you should stay away from is someone who is manipulative. This person may use guilt-tripping or other tactics to get her way or sway your opinion. She might also try to make you feel bad about yourself or your choices.

Finally, beware of anyone who displays signs of being emotionally unstable. If she is quick to anger or prone to outbursts, this is not a healthy situation to be in. Additionally, if she has an unhealthy relationship with alcohol or drugs, this should be a major red flag.

Although these types of girls are all too common, its important to remember that there are still good girls out there worth dating. By exercising caution in your dating life, you can find someone who will bring joy, stability, and love into your life.

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