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Adding Charleston Style to Your Home

Foxbank Plantation Homes for SaleHave you seen the series that Southern Living did on creating a Charleston look in your home? It includes tips for your porch/piazza, dining room and living room.

Designer Jenny Keenan advises adding a sweetgrass basket for an iconic Charleston touch. Sweetgrass baskets can be quite an investment but are wonderful works of art; sculptural designs like this one at Cottage & Bungalow become the focal point of any room and say “Charleston” like nothing else!

Foxbank Plantation GardenKeenan also advises a mix of antiques and modern elements, and suggests a silver mint Julep cup is another perfect touch. How about using one to showcase an orchid or a succulent? They’re an elegant way to serve breadsticks, pretzel sticks or even French fries during cocktail hour. Stash makeup brushes in one or two for a stylish bathroom counter.

Tara Guérard, whose Charleston home is featured in the series, agrees that mixing things up is key, whether with furniture styles, dining room chairs, dinnerware or glassware. With some inspiration and imagination, it’s easy to to get started adding some Charleston style to your home!

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