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The Art of Curb Appeal

Everyone wants to have a home they’re proud of. Whether you have just moved in or have been living in the same place for years, it is always a good idea to show your home in its best light by enhancing its curb appeal. From shrubs and paint colors to simple soap and water, we’re… Read More

Vietnam War Veterans Honored in Moncks Corner

With Memorial Day coming up at the end of the month, we know there are going to be countless opportunities to celebrate our troops — both past and present. However, because this year will mark the 60th anniversary of the Vietnam War, the town of Moncks Corner decided to honor Vietnam War veterans and survivors… Read More

Top Tips for a Cleaner Spring

It’s that time of year again. The days are getting longer, the air outside is getting warmer, and you’re starting to realize that you haven’t given your house a good cleaning in months. Spring cleaning time is finally here, and we want to help. Most homeowners shy away from the dreaded task of purging, cleaning,… Read More

Get the Most Out of Your Workout

With the Foxbank Plantation Fitness Center recently opening, we’ve decided to share some simple tips and easy workouts to help you get the most out of the equipment available. For an easy, full-body treadmill workout, grab some light dumbbells and set the treadmill speed to a brisk walk. Perform 1-minute each of shoulder passes, bicep… Read More

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