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Maximize Your Foxbank Plantation Garden

Moncks Corner GardeningLess yard work is always a plus for Foxbank Plantation homes that are on a smaller lot. However, it can prove to be a challenge if you’re interested in adding an elaborate gardenscape. Thankfully, there are some easy ways you can add depth to your space without having to add any acreage.

Pot Your Plants

Just because your yard is filled with more concrete than actual grass, it doesn’t mean you can’t add some lively plants to your limited landscape. Stack some potted plants on top of your concrete space to expand your greenery. You can even stack your pots on top of each other to utilize the vertical space and tna dating.

Add a Living Wall

Are you reallyyyy pressed for space? Then start taking advantage of your vertical space by, like bougainvillea, by your wall. All you need is a simple stake in the dirt to make it happen. You can also get creative with your living wall by using an over-the-door shoe rack or some old gutters — they’re the perfect size and shape for a personal herb garden.

Simplify and Tidy

Don’t try to do too much with your limited space. Overcompensating can make your garden look cluttered and unorganized. Simply your space by sticking to a monochromatic color palette like blue, violet, yellow or silvery green. Allow some breathing room in your space and try to keep in mind that less is more.

Segment Your Space

To help maximize the livability of your small yard, try segmenting your space. Interestingly enough, by dividing your garden it will help make it seem larger than it actually is. Add in a little water feature or a birdbath and section that off with a circle of flowers or stones. If you’ve got room, add a small bench so people can sit back and enjoy what you’ve created.

You can find a few more gardening tips from our friend and gardener extraordinaire, Sarah Harris. 

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