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Lowcountry Summer Entertaining Ideas

Clambake Moncks CornerThere’s something about a South Carolina summer that just makes you want to be social. Maybe it’s the longer days and excessive sunshine — or maybe it’s just that time seems to slow down a bit more when the clock strikes ‘summertime.’

Either way, summer presents ample opportunities for you to show off your social skills by hosting a summer soiree.

For those of you who don’t have the time or budget to prepare a Pinterest-worthy party, here are some easy options that’ll impress your guests and won’t add to your stress.


You don’t need a fancy, outdoor grill to make an amazing clambake. Check out this stovetop clambake recipe that is sure to satisfy. Add in some bibs, lots of napkins and a family-style set-up, and you’ll be good to go! To take your clambake to the next level, decorate with festive coastal-themed décor.

Pool Party

If you’re looking for a kid-friendly party idea, consider hosting a pool party. Keep things simple by either ordering a few pizzas or have people make their own that you can pop into the oven while they go for a swim. secret dating app and some oversized floats and your guests will feel as if they’ve entered into a tropical resort. 

All-American Backyard BBQ

Who doesn’t love a affair dating site? Keep the décor simple and fire up the grill for some traditional hotdogs, hamburgers and black bean burgers (for those vegetarians in your life). Have a table where people can add their favorite condiments and make sure to have a good mix of side dishes, too. To make things super easy, have each guest bring a side dish to add to the pile.

However you choose to celebrate the summer season, remember that the host is responsible for creating the party atmosphere. If you are stressed, your guests are going to notice. So keep things light, be flexible and don’t worry if things don’t go according to plan. What’s most important is that you are able to spend some quality time with your favorite people.

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